Julia Gorostidi (1983)

Graduated in Graphic Design from the Ecal (BA. Lausanne, CH, 2005)
and in Fine Arts from the Goldsmiths College (MFA, London, UK, 2015),
Julia Gorostidi is a French/Swiss artist based in Barcelona.

Working in the fields of video, performance and installation, Gorostidi develops long and short term projects that look at the role of subjectivity in the construction and representation of the Self and that explore the questions of Identity as being a product of our social structures and relations.

Often employing automatic and collaborative creation techniques resembling “Exquisite corpse” or “Chinese whisper”, Gorostidi produces multi-layered works that interrogate the idea of “the original Self” and that deconstruct the notions of authenticity, autonomy, identity and Otherness.


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