Coming soon…chapter 6 : ONE OF THEM

Coming Soon... Chapter 6
HD video, 8 minutes, 2014, large projection on inclined screen

Coming soon... Chapter 6 (2014) from Julia Gorostidi on Vimeo.

By using technologies and material readily available online, Coming Soon… Chapter 6 investigates the impact of digitalization on sounds and images and its repercussion on the notion of authenticity and "the original".

In the form of an extended trailer, Coming Soon… Chapter 6 recounts parts of the artist's unclear genealogy while reflecting on intrafamily communication and the definition of identity through religion, sexuality, nationality and mental states. Anchored around different historical events, the non-linear narrative uses keywords to compare intergenerational communications with the way we now exist and define ourselves online. Moving between different times and places, Coming Soon… Chapter 6 plays with the viewer's attention and comprehension of the story and questions our role as spectators and actors in our increasingly interconnected society.

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