There, other sides : ONE OF THEM

There, other sides
Perfomative discussion, 20 min, 2014
8 simultaneous interpreters, 1 Projector, 2 overhead projectors, 1 computer with skype and an internet connexion

There, other sides is a trilingual skype conversation simultaneously translated and transcripted into english and russian by several simultaneous interpreters sited in the public at different points of the amphitheater.
For this performance I invited two curators/founder of an international residency based in Barcelona  to discuss on Skype the main idea behind their hosting programm that gets its name from one of the quintessential social gathering places in our culture, the bar. During approximately 20 min the three of us would speak in our own native language (Veronica/Italian, Andrea/spanish and myself/french), languages that the three of us mainly understand and would be simultaneously translated into english and russian by simultaneous interpreters present in the public. 
The performance starts with a multilingual introduction by the artist, from english to french and spanish slowly announcing the presence of simultaneous interpreters in the room. As in the "Bolero" of Ravel, translators stand up one after the other, creating an orchestra or cacophony simultaneously helping and confusing the viewers in terms of space and content.

Performed for the first time at APT gallery, London, in the frame of the exhibition "Here, the other side" in Spring 2014

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