Una de las primeras mañanas : ONE OF THEM


Una de las primeras mañanas
performative installation, 30 min, 2012

Una de las primeras mañanas (based on the book “Les premiers matins du monde” ‎(SEISSER (Jean) - RANCHIN (France de) - ‎Editions Encre, 1980) is a project and installation of a performative nature around the act of creation. “One of the first morning” is based of a book from the 80’ that collects cosmogonies from various sources in the form of narrative disclosure: thanks to a small-scale staging of the interrelationships and forms of language resources present in these mythologies, Julia Gorostidi moves the original metanarrative to the exhibition’s room and the creative process. The artist offers to the public a unique opening in which the project will take shape through a series of actions related to the constituent elements of the installation in progress.
Text by homesession

“Les premiers matins du monde”, SEISSER (Jean) - RANCHIN (France de) - ‎Editions Encre, 1980

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