Punctum Junctions : ONE OF THEM

Punctum Junctions
4/3/3 m, Sculpture/Video Installation, 3 videos (Loop: 18:30), 2015

...So I asked myself: “Who’s the host here? who’s inside who? What inside what?” ... Eventually everything connects but who directs?

PunctumJunctions1 from Julia Gorostidi on Vimeo.

PunctumJunctions2 from Julia Gorostidi on Vimeo.

Floating like organs in a living body, the lycra bags present in the room seem to beat and glow from the inside until the camera suddenly goes out of a CGI face's orifice and shows us the virtual creature sniffing the room and its content before swallowing the camera back again.

Punctum Junctions is an immersive installation that challenges body boundaries and that reflects on the intersubjectivity existing between author, spectator and artwork. In a world where the limits between inside/outside, pubic/private, male/female, physical/virtual and observer/observed seem to become increasingly blurred, the work intentionally enhances their permeability and reflects on the possibility of creating new liminal spaces where those dualities could fuse.

As a physical barrier, the screen often appears impermeable enough to protect us from any physical danger and even seems to allow us to do and say things that we wouldn't say or do in the physical world. But is the body truly able to control its sensations when faced with immaterial matter? Since the discovery of the mirror neurons, scientists have proved that even when behind a screen, images and sounds have an impact on our brain and physical sensations. In Punctum Junctions
the digital activates the physical and tries ro alter the viewer's haptic perception of the space to encourage him to reflects on his own body limitations when faced with digital matter

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