Quartzite/Quartzite : ONE OF THEM


Digital Video, (Loop: 10:30), 2017

Composed of a digital video and a written conversation, Quartzite / Quartzite is the project developed by Julia Gorostidi during her residency at Art3 between January and February 2017. Constructed as a dialog between a natural object and its computer generated image, the work uses the autobiography of a quartzite stone found in the region of Valence as a script to freely depict the city’s geological history and to question at the same time our tendency to humanize nature and non-human objects.

Based on a discussion that the artist had with the geologist who introduced her to the rock, the text, written in french, is a conversation between a four hundred million years old stone and its new-born digital simulation. In search of a personal story that would make her a better simulation, the computer generated image tries in this text to identify with the metamorphic rock and interrogates it about their supposedly common origins, transformations and geographical movements. Thought as a reinterpretation and reappropriation of this story by the digital stone, the video presented alongside the text shows the 3D model experiencing its past as it understood it. Osciatilling between a screen saver, a relaxing video and a nature documentary, the film brings the viewer into a semi-hypnotic environment that tells the story of a metamorphic object while subjectively portraying the region’s geological history.

Mainly concerned with identity representation and human subjectivity, Julia’s work often question the relations between storytelling and self-construction. In Quartzite/Quartzite she applies her generic concerns to the non-human and reflects on how we see and represent nature in our digital and mental worlds.


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