Meeting points : ONE OF THEM

Meeting points
Series of collaborative drawings, mp3 player, headphones
Long-term project

Installation for "Space of no exception", Sokol, Moscow (2014)

Meeting points is a life long project initiated by Julia Gorostidi in 2013. 
Every time she travels, the artist tries to find street portrait artists who agree to draw a third or a quarter of her face for a third or a quarter of the price. They can choose to continue an unfinished face or start a new drawing but need to agree on being paid proportionally to the percentage of face they depict. The time they physically spend together gives rise to different discussions that Julia reformulates to create written portraits of the people who depicted her.

Gorostidi uses these portraits as a meeting point of peoples subjectivity, as well as an archival tool documenting the contemporary moment. The texts and music that go alongside the drawn portraits reveal the complexities of representing another person's experience of the world. In this project Gorostidi uses her physical appearance to create a reverse mirror where the author becomes the subject and subject becomes the author.

The origin and the birth date, as well as the quality of the portraits and the author's contribution, will be assessed throughout the process. The exchange of money between the author and the Artist will play a crucial role in the project's development.

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